Transitions & Blog Close


Sometimes life transitions usher you into unfamiliar territory. Territories that can change the trajectory of your life.

This year started out with the harsh reality of losing my mom in February. After this devastation, things weren’t the same anymore.


The sun didn’t shine as bright, my heart didn’t beat as fast, and my inner purpose didn’t energize my soul.

There were other transitions like career changes and redirection for both myself and my husband, my first born son leaving for college (the house feels weird without him), and the fact I haven’t been writing or working on my novel since my mom moved to heaven (I can’t seem to get into the creative groove).


I’ve been ushered into new territories and I’m in the process of trying to reclaim my path, chart new roads, and make peace with the broken pieces.

Therefore, I’ve decided to suspend this blog indefinitely (since I haven’t been showing up for it anymore) and make peace with my absence here.

However, regardless of the detours thrown my way, I’ll still be publishing more novels. And you can still find me here and here, and also here if you want to stay updated on all my author shenanigans. 🙂

Sending you love and light. Shine on!


Sweet Aroma of Thankfulness


The Free eBook “Gift of Giving” campaign was a wonderful success! Yippee!

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Thank you to the 2,747 people who got their free eBook and helped me reach the Top 100 list. I’m truly grateful for all the interest in the book, which exceeded my expectations for the promotion. I was hoping for at least 500 people, but 2,747 was enormously better (divine icing on the cake).

So again……

Thank You MultiColored Sign

…breathe in the sweet aroma of thankfulness I’m sending from me to you!

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