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It’s been kind of quiet at this blog lately, but there’s good reason for my lack of presence around here. You’ll understand those reasons later in this post. For now, here are two pieces of news I’d like to share.

Parenting News

Me and my teenage son at the lake for a day of family fishing. Yep, I see the hat.

My fifteen year old son and high school jock (football player) has his driving permit. Now, I know this isn’t considered substantial news to others, but it’s substantial news to me. Where did the time fly? It was only yesterday he squirted baby pee in my face when I changed his diaper. Only yesterday when he’d poo in the tub when I gave him a bath. Only yesterday when I had to pry plant leaves from the roof of his mouth because he kept eating the house plants.

Now he’s driving, and his driving is driving me bats! Let’s not even talk about how he’s already hit our garage wall while backing out my car (scratching the bumper and denting the wall). And this could’ve been avoided had he stopped when I yelled, “STOP!” from my position in the passenger seat. But let’s not talk about it. Like I said, my son’s driving is not substantial news for you, but for me it’s a daily headline. Nevertheless, I’ll end here with two words that’ll always rattle a mother’s nerve: Teenage Drivers.

Publishing News

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Here are two more words rattling my nerves: Debut Novel. Yes, you read correctly. My first published novel is releasing in August. For the past several months not only have I been overwhelmingly busy finalizing the book (thus, my blog absence), but also the impending release date has been rattling my nerves. The good kind of rattling, that is (unlike my son’s driving).

This kind of rattling is a courageous blend of excitement and trepidation. Excited because it’s been a long time coming, and FINALLY (yes, FINALLY–it’s about darn time) I’ve made it to this point in my literary career. Trepidation, because it’s new ground to walk on and I know the path can get rocky. However, I’m ready for the peaks and valleys of being a published author. I’m also ready for the favorable and not-so-favorable book reviews that comes along with the territory. I’m ready for these things because I have two secret weapons stashed in my pockets: (1) God to sustain me, and (2) the following quote to ground me.

“There are those who will like me too much and those who will hate me too much, yet I don’t put much stock in either. I know my ‘sense of self’ is balanced between those two extremes. That’s where strength of character and self awareness lies—between the extremes. We have to balance ourselves between the norm and the ab-norm, and realize who we are is not determined by others’ opinions. Nor by who or what they choose to love or hate.” —Demetria Foster Gray


Tune in next week for the official book release announcement. And as Bishop T.D. Jakes says, “Get ready! Get ready! Get ready!”



Year End Shout Out: Author “Reese Ryan” Brings the Heat

My good friend and author Reese Ryan is steaming up the place. Her second novel Love Me Not releases TODAY! I’m excited for Reese and thrilled to give her this year-end shout out!

Here’s what people are saying about the book:

“I’ve waited impatiently for this book since I learned it was going to be Jamie’s story and it far surpassed anything I was hoping for…Miles was sexy, romantic, sensitive and an incredible lover (be prepared for some serious, serious steam) and had enough imperfections to keep him real. I loved how Jamie’s transformation unfolded and developed, as well as the realism regarding her romance with Miles.” ~ Jonetta (ejaygirl), The Book Nympho

“I really enjoyed this story and all the multiple layers to both Jamie and Miles… I don’t want to give too much away because I think that Reese Ryan reveals elements of her characters so beautifully. You really need to read the book to appreciate who these characters are and what they go through in order to be together. At the end, you will believe that they are meant to be.” ~ Contemporary Romance Writers

Read a summary and an excerpt here.

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Buy the Book:
Order your copy of Love Me Not at one of these fine booksellers:
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About the Author:
Reese Ryan is a novelist, freelance journalist, and hopeless romantic. She writes sexy, contemporary romance featuring a multi-cultural cast of flawed, but lovable characters. Born and raised in the Midwest, she now resides in Central North Carolina with her husband and young adult son who tolerates her propensity to sing and dance badly.
Visit Reese online at

Alive and Kicking

That’s right, I’m back! It’s been quite mute over here, but I’m still alive and I’m still kicking.

It’s been a nice hiatus. A highly coveted blogging break that I so thoroughly enjoyed.

Taking a step back to regroup and refocus is always a good thing.

Also if you let it, it will always produce good things. And that’s exactly what I did—I let it produce good things.

There are lots of things to unleash onto you in the coming months (and into the New Year), regarding career development and accomplishments, inner wisdom and insights, and crazy transformational growth. Also there’ll be ongoing cosmetic changes (no, not Botox or butt reductions) to capture a whole new look and a spunky new attitude.

As you can see, a long hiatus looks good on me (that’s right, it does), and it’s time to get back in the game. As they say, “You can’t play to win if you’re sitting on the sidelines.”

I’m bringing back the noise…

Let the chatter begin.

Photo by Vlado

“Making the First Move” Blog Tour w/Reese Ryan

Reese Ryan’s novel Making the First Move makes its debut release today and I’m thrilled to be part of her launch party. Reese and I have developed a wonderful literary bond and friendship in recent years and as her colorful layers unfold, she continues to demonstrate genuine kindness, warm humor, and an audacious writing talent.

Weeks ago, I pre-ordered my own copy of Making the First Move and have been anxiously awaiting this particular day to finally get my hands on it. You should definitely consider getting your hands on one, too.  (Click here to read the book summary.)

Please help me celebrate the debut of Reese Ryan by learning about her and her new novel. Reese granted me a walk inside her mind, which gave me the privilege of revealing to you the makings of a true literary artist.

Chatting with Reese


Your debut novel Making the First Move is a contemporary romance, what draws you to this genre?

I love stories in the here and now. Historical and sci-fi fiction can be fun, too. But with contemporary fiction—as both a reader and writer—I don’t get lost in the details of world-building and can concentrate more on the characters, their interactions, and emotions.


Who is your intended audience and why should they read your book?

Making the First Move is a contemporary romance, but it’s also very much about the growth of a flawed heroine and the characters and situations who play a role in her journey. So the intended audience is readers who enjoy watching the evolution of a flawed character as she makes her challenging journey to happy ever after with the hero. 


Most non-writers think writing a book is easy-peasy, yet we writers know differently. What is the hardest thing for you about writing?

Initially it was applying butt to chair and getting a manuscript finished. Don’t get me wrong, that can still be a challenge at times. But the real work happens during the revision stage. That’s where the story is really crafted into the final form. For me that’s the most difficult part of the process.


What aspect/process of getting your book published surprised you the most?

The non-writing part of being a published writer. It takes a huge amount of time and effort. As a writer you think, I just need to write the best novel I can. That’s true. But that isn’t the end, it’s only the beginning. Whether you’re self-published, digitally-published, or with a traditional publishing house MUCH of the business of promo falls to the author.


Is there a message in your debut novel you’d want readers to grasp?

Yes. It’s never too late to reinvent yourself. Find your passion and do what makes you happy. Even if it’s not in line with others’ expectations for you. 


Connect with Reese:





Buy the book:


Barnes & Noble


Author Bio

Reese Ryan writes sexy, contemporary fiction filled with colorful characters and sinfully-sweet romance. Born and raised in the Midwest, she now resides in Central North Carolina with her husband and young adult son who tolerate her propensity to sing and dance badly.

A self-proclaimed Bohemian Southern Belle, she treads the line carefully between being a Northerner and a damned Yankee—despite her insistence on calling soda, “pop.” Reese gauges her progress by the number of “bless your lil’ hearts” she gets each week. She is currently down to two.


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Blogging Hiatus

It’s that time again……….Summer Time!

Which means it’s time for my mid-year blog hiatus.

“Oh no, say it isn’t so,” is what you all are saying. Right??? Don’t lie, I hear the roar of your voices begging me to stay. But I must go. I must indulge in a much needed blog break.

Lucky you, you won’t have to listen to me all summer long. That, alone, is priceless.

I’ll see you all back here again in the Fall.

Have an awesome summer!

Photo by Chayathon Wong