Transitions & Blog Close


Sometimes life transitions usher you into unfamiliar territory. Territories that can change the trajectory of your life.

This year started out with the harsh reality of losing my mom in February. After this devastation, things weren’t the same anymore.


The sun didn’t shine as bright, my heart didn’t beat as fast, and my inner purpose didn’t energize my soul.

There were other transitions like career changes and redirection for both myself and my husband, my first born son leaving for college (the house feels weird without him), and the fact I haven’t been writing or working on my novel since my mom moved to heaven (I can’t seem to get into the creative groove).


I’ve been ushered into new territories and I’m in the process of trying to reclaim my path, chart new roads, and make peace with the broken pieces.

Therefore, I’ve decided to suspend this blog indefinitely (since I haven’t been showing up for it anymore) and make peace with my absence here.

However, regardless of the detours thrown my way, I’ll still be publishing more novels. And you can still find me here and here, and also here if you want to stay updated on all my author shenanigans. 🙂

Sending you love and light. Shine on!



Blue Tree resized small

Yes, I’ve been MIA (missing in action) for several months on this blog, but it’s time to resurrect this place and bring it back to life. There’s been so much going on with me (personally and professionally) that other projects have taken up the bulk of my time. Unintentionally, this has caused my blog to fall on the back burner.

I’m trying to live the motto, “Work Smarter Not Harder.” Therefore, resurrecting this blog means only one thing: I’ll show up more than usual. However, “more than usual” doesn’t mean more frequently.

The scheduling for these blog posts will be on an as-needed basis whenever information (or inspiration) arises that I’ll want to share.

Currently, I’m working on several things and hoping to finish them sooner more than later—my next two novels being among them.

In the meantime, you can interact with me more frequently on my Facebook Author Page, or on Twitter. I seem to be in those places more than I’m here on this blog. Mostly because I can post stuff there more quickly instead of having to write full blog articles.

You can also join my mailing list for author news updates, information, and freebies. Your email won’t be bombarded by joining because I only send out updates a few times a year.

Catch ya soon!



Savor Your Accomplishments

Dance 2 resized largeI’ve accomplished a lot in my years on this earth, but rarely do I ever take time to savor those accomplishments.

As a toddler I learned how to walk and how not to pee in the bed. As a kid I learned to roller skate, go fishing, play the piano, and French braid my hair. As a teenager I learned to drive, kiss boys, use a sewing machine, become an avid reader, and write a lot of poetry. As an adult I worked various jobs, received a college degree, created a career, received a marriage license, given birth to children, bought a home, and published a novel. And that’s just the short list.

We all have huge lists of accomplishments that have shaped our lives, yet we forget to honor them. We don’t take time to bask in the glow of them or be in harmony with what they’ve taught us or how far they’ve brought us. So this past weekend I took time to bask in the knowledge of who I am, why I am, and how far I’ve come. To savor those things that have helped me become…me.

I think we all know life is just a string of events and accomplishments, mixed with highs, lows, twists, turns, and amazing detours. Yes, sometimes we get stalled and can’t seem to move and other times we are moving but feel kind of stalled. But did you ever consider that sometimes, maybe, we should just be still and savor what we’ve accomplished—from birth to now. Give honor to all the nuts and bolts that built us into the magnificent people we’ve become.

It’s often said we’re so focused on trying to get to where we’re going that we don’t appreciate where we are or where we’ve been. Well, I’m here to say I appreciate where I am, even though sometimes (most times) I’m anxious to get to where I’m going. And from now on I’ll try to honor my accomplishments by savoring where I’ve been.