My Endless Love

Yes, it’s true. Back in the 80s I was a huge Lionel Richie fan (don’t judge). I loved his music, and dare I say it……I still do. In my opinion, he was and is one of the greatest singer/songwriters of our time. He wrote, produced, and sang several love ballads that were No. #1 hits which earned him several Grammy Awards.

Whenever I hear one of his classic hits I’m immediately transported back to a time in my life where I was a vibrant, sweet, innocent (yes, I said innocent—don’t judge) young teen on the cusp of adulthood. And as a general rule, people typically associate songs from their past with particular events and people in their lives at that time.

One of my particular favorites from Lionel was Endless Love. And although I love pretty much all of Lionel Richie’s songs from the 80s (except that “Dancing on the Ceiling” fiasco), Endless Love was/is a special favorite. This song always reminds me of my youth, and young love (and that’s all the detail you’ll get outta me). So naturally when I heard he was doing a remake of this song, I was all ears.

The other day while flipping through channels on TV, I ran across a documentary on Lionel and the making of his new CD. He’s teaming up with different country music artist to remake some of his classic R&B hits. Now first let me just say, I’m not a big country music fan, but because it’s Lionel Richie, and he’s delving into country waters, I’m willing to listen.

Here’s his remake of Endless love with Shania Twain, and I must say…I don’t hate it. I actually think it’s pretty cool.

7 thoughts on “My Endless Love

  1. So Lionel Richie is making a come back. I must say back in the day some of his songs were very good like “Hello” and “Once,Twice,Three Times a Lady”.
    But for me when it came to love ballads, Peabo Bryson was my all time favorite,and still is!!! Whenever I hear him,wow,it takes me back. You already know that Prince is one of my all time favorites as well. That was when music meant something,and those were the good old days. As you say when we were young,free and innocent. LOL!!!

  2. Ok,so I just watched the video of Lionel and Shania singing “Endless Love”.
    Let me just say I still hear Diana Ross. Sorry:(

  3. Good lordy, Sharon, Peabo Bryson? How could I forget you and Peabo. What is with you and that guy? And what is with the name “Peabo”? But I guess we all had our favorites, so I won’t judge. Especially since there are a few songs I liked by Mr. Peobo (like the one he did with Roberta Flack).

  4. Both of those dudes were good, as well as Jeffrey Osborn. “On the wings of love”, baby!! But not so much the “Woo Woo” song.
    I saw a bit of Access Hollywood last week with Lionel talking about the new cd with the countriards. Yup…new word. I say he’s a smart dude.

  5. OMG! Jeffrey Osborn?? No you didn’t say that Starla. He only had one good song. I’m going to seriously rethink our friendship after that remark. But again, we all have our favorite artists so I won’t judge. At least, I’ll TRY HARD not to judge.

  6. You so crazy!! I love JO’s voice. But if we’re talking all-time fave, that is sooooo Stevie Won Won.
    Sidebar….I am really bout tired of this apparatus doo-dad auto-correcting my spelling of my words. Yes, the words I invented. I am babbling cuz I am all sugared up. Anyhoo, I was just checking for this weeks blog. Let’s get on it Dee Dee!!

  7. Okay, I’ll give you Stevie over Jeffrey, Ms. Starla. Also, maybe you should take a hint regarding the auto-correcting. I’m pretty sure “the system” has had it with all your INVENTED words.

    Sadly, you live in a foreign language world all your own. What’s even sadder is I understand most of it.

    And yes I know I’m behind on blog posting this week. You don’t have to put me on blast. (Gratitude and Quotes are updated, though.)

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