A Word on Passion

A few people have asked me how I found my passion. The answer I sometimes gave was, “My passion was never lost, I didn’t have to find it.”

Writing is my passion.

It’s been with me ever since I was a young girl—back in the small bedroom I shared with my older sister, listening to my sister’s loud music, and writing poems on my twin-sized bed.

Eventually my sister moved out and our twin-sized beds were replaced with my very own full-sized canopy bed and the joy of finally having the room to myself. There, as a teenager, I listened to my own loud music, read a lot of books, and continued writing poems.

My sister’s boyfriend at the time (who became her husband) used to write poems, too, and sometimes we’d have poetry contests to see who was the best. Unfortunately, we could never claim a winner because I always liked mine better and he always liked his.

Then I started writing short essays about my life. About guys I may have liked, family incidents that may have occurred, and fun stuff I did with my friends. I also wrote my own song lyrics and sang them to myself in one of those old tape recorders where you had to push the “record” and “play” buttons at the same time (don’t judge).

I viewed all this writing as just a hobby. Something I did alone in my room when there was nothing else to do. I had no idea they were the seeds of passion sprouting up. Seeds that were planted at birth. I never recognized this passion until several years later as an adult who was spending way too much time on the wrong career path, and living a corporate life I didn’t love.

Nevertheless, my point on passion is this; we don’t have to go on a wild, safari hunt to find our passion. Passion doesn’t hide from us. Most times it’s sitting quietly and patiently in front of our faces, hoping we’d see it. Hoping we’d recognize its value to our lives. God gives us our passion and purpose at birth. It’s up to us to claim it.

Instead of going on a massive hunt for your passion, take a moment and look through your life. What gives you joy when you do it? Is there an activity or event that’s been a common thread throughout your life (like writing was for me) that you’ve never considered or explored? Is the fear of walking in your passion blinding you from seeing it?

Whatever the case may be, the only thing to remember is your passion is already with
you—unleash it.

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7 thoughts on “A Word on Passion

  1. That’s great you have always had that passion. I admire that. My Mom has always had the passion for writing and reading. Unfortunately, I never inherited that. It’s arduous for me to write anything. I don’t know what my passion is. I know my pursuit of the Lord is a passion and anything other than that I just consume myself with trying to be the best wife and mother. I’ll have to pray to the Lord and ask him to uncover a passion for me. Maybe there’s something that’s never been uncovered because of life’s responsibilities. Food for thought.

  2. Ellen, you’re killing me. I recall many conversations you and I had throughout our friendship about us not wanting to be consumed with only being a wife and mother. So I’m surprised to hear you say that.

    But I do understand how our beliefs, opinions, and desires change as we grow, so if those things are what gives you joy, and you don’t need/want anything else then that’s all that matters. Joy is what matters.

  3. Wow! Another good subject. Your words again make me think. But at this time I still have not found my passion. The only thing that comes to mind when I look through my life is that I have always been a strong person, great listener and also give good advice and support, not to mention very funny. LOL!!!
    But, at this time I don’t see a career in that. So I wait patiently until my passion it is revealed to me.

  4. Sharon, I clearly see a career in what you just described. You said strong, great listener, good advice and support. Sounds like a therapist, psychologist, counselor, to me. I’d hire you as my shrink. Wait, I already get your advice free so forget that hiring part.

    Also don’t WAIT for your passion to be revealed (as you said above because you’ll likely be waiting a long while). Your passion is waiting on you….to be seen by you. God has already revealed it. Ask Him for clarity to see what he’s already given.

    Our lives can be so cluttered, chaotic, cold, and lonely that we can’t see through all the mess. We can’t see what’s already ours to claim.

    Okay, let me stop. I can sometimes get all Oprah on folks when I go to my deep zone, and that ain’t even cute. LOL

  5. Like Sharona, I’m in that same place. I guess as Dee Dee says, we have to stop awaiting it to be revealed and realize it ourselves, although it seems easier said than done. I do think our time will come, which will be when we recognize it and take action. That “ah hah” moment.

  6. You’re right, Starla, it seems easier said than done. We have to align with our inner spirit. It’s really a mind, heart, and soul thing.

    When our mind/heart/soul are aligned, and we’re able to disconnect from our outer self and reconnect to our inner spirit, then we can more clearly see through the mess/distractions in our lives.

    When I’m in alignment(which is not often enough, and a steady work in progress), constant meditation and prayer calms me and helps me to see things in my life I can’t always clearly see. That’s when I get my “ah hah” moments.

  7. Readers, my inspiration quote for week 4/9/2012 is in line with this blog topic on “finding” (seeing) your passion:

    To know yourself, be yourself. To be yourself, stop imagining yourself to be this or that. Just be. Let your true nature emerge. Don’t disturb your mind with seeking. –Nisargadatta Maharaj–

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