Writing Resources

There isn’t any secret to writing. You sit down and you start. That’s it.
– Elmore Leonard

If you’ve clicked on this page it’s because you are a writer or interested in becoming a writer and you’re looking for tools to assist you.

When you’re missing a valuable piece of the puzzle in your writing journey and those nagging literary questions just won’t let up, below are some life saving resources I turn to, which keeps me on point and on key.

These resources are little viles of happiness, mixed with reassurance, and oozing with industry knowledge to keep you sane within the confines of your literary insanity.
Books on Writing

Magazine Publications

  • Writer’s Digest Magazine
  • The Writer Magazine

Online Resources

Provides up-to-date news, information, and resources in the editing and publishing industry.

Provides online critiques of query letters and tips on how to revise them.

Provides warnings about the schemes, scams, and pitfalls that threaten writers.

Provides industry knowledge, tips, writing contests, writing prompts, and a forum to answer your writing questions.

Provides information on markets, agents, contests and conference as well as industry knowledge and writing craft.

Provides personalized tracking tools, helpful articles, industry updates, and over 8,000 market listing to help writers get published