Back in Action

I’m back! Throw your hands up. Are ya with me? Throw your hands up!

Yeah, I know. Don’t say it. Just let me have this moment.

I’m having a flashback to my nightclub party days from the mid 80s. Back when my girlfriends and I used to hang in the Chicago nightclubs ‘cause we thought we were grown and sexy. Except they didn’t say “throw your hands up” back then. It was more like, “Raise your hands in the air and wave ‘em like you just don’t care,” or “The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire.”

Okay. I’ll stop.

Anyhoo, how about that five-month long hiatus, huh? WTH! I know, I know the nerve of me, right? But I have finally returned. Yippee! And I’m glad to be back. But I’ve got to be honest; it was great being gone. My absence allowed me to re-energize, re-strategize, and rebuild. I’ve been busy moving stumbling blocks and boo-hooeing over the ones that haven’t move. I’ve opened new doors, and learned from the doors slammed shut.

There’s a lot to talk about in the upcoming blog posts, so I won’t blabber it all now. The one thing I will share is my newest novel, “A Little Bruised,” which is over on my Writings page. Swing by for a sample read when you get a spare moment. Although, the novel isn’t finished yet. Let’s just say, it’s kicking my butt and sending me through all kinds of labor pains and spasms. But eventually it will make its journey to eBook. I’ll keep you posted.

Hope you all had a great summer. Now that it’s getting cooler and folks are settling in for the fall season, I hope you’ll snuggle up to this blog for crazy riveting words from a wacky brilliant woman. I mean, really, if you don’t think this is an “awesome” place to be, then you may need to get yo’self some “awesome” lessons. 🙂

Welcome back readers, I’ve missed you.

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15 thoughts on “Back in Action

  1. Welcome Back! You were truly missed. Can not wait to be inspired by your words.
    Can you see me I am waving my hands in the air like I just don’t care. LOL!!!!

  2. Welcome back “li’l D-Whip”!! Yup…if you gone play the back in the day hippity hop role, you gotta have a fly name. Missed your bloggeration, and looking forward to the sneak peek of your latest novel. Oooha oooha!!

  3. Sharon, you are too funny! I can definitely see you waving your hands in the air like you just don’t care!! I see you. I see you. Thanks for showing back up here in blog city.

    Starla, I think I kinda like that “D-Whip” thing. It’s kinda sassy, and you know I like sass. Now go wave your hands in the air, like we did back in the day. Thanks for returning to blog city.

    To both Sharon and Starla: ride or die, chicks. Ride or die! I feel the love.

  4. Dancing? I don’t remember you regaling us with those stories at work. I do remember you LOVING Rap as you so eloquently told your pen pal.

  5. Ellen, you’re killing me with the rap stories. I don’t remember regaling you with rap AT ALL!

    Regarding the dance, me, Starla, Sharon and a couple others used to get our nightclub groove on. Guess there’s lots you don’t know about me, LLF.

    Thanks for coming back to blogville.

  6. Ha ha! I didn’t say you regaled us with rap stories. I remember our wonderful colleague though told her military pen pal you loved rap. Remember that? Oh, how fond memories leave us with those warm feelings inside and a smile on our face.

  7. Oh yes, Ellie, I knew what you meant. How can I ever forget where the whole “rap” thing started. T’was thousands of years ago, but definitely good times. Some of the best times of my entire corporate career were with you and that colleague.

  8. Love the walk down memory lane. Of course, now I won’t be able to get any of those songs out of my head.

    Glad to hear you’ve taken positive lessons from everything that’s happened, even the disappointments. Can’t wait to get up-to-date on your journey.

    Welcome back!

    (Okay, now I’m hearing the theme to Welcome Back Kotter in my head.)

  9. Roxanne, I’m hearing the “Welcome Back Kotter” theme song, too. Thanks alot for planting that one in my brain. Now I won’t be able to get it out.

    Thank you for returning and commenting. Another congrats on your debut novel.

  10. Lucky me that I get to know you and your writing as you return from your time away! Glad it was a restful time of rejuvenation for you. I’m looking forward to getting to know you, your blog and your writing– love your style here.

    By the way, did ya have to bring up the 80s?! Oh my goodness– Farrah Fawcet do, la disco jeans with gold metal belts, candy slide shoes and disco… it wasn’t pretty then either… 😉

    • Farrah Fawcet—that is hilarious, Julie. Who could ever forget the “Farrah” craze that swept the nation. But she wasn’t an 80s sensation was she? I thought she was 70s, along with disco and gold belts.

      Thank you so much for stopping by. It’s always wonderful to see new visitors. I greatly appreciate your taking time to read and comment, and hope you’ll come back again.

  11. Julie, I used to watch Charlie’s Angels, when I was a kid. I also remember when Farrah was married to Lee Majors (the Bionic Man) from that show “Six Million Dollar Man.” So if you’re old then so am I. But I like to think I’m well-seasoned, not old. 🙂

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