What’s On Your Word List?

If you had to describe yourself in one word, what would it be?

On any given day I’m a variety of words—good and bad—because I’m multi-layered, contradictory, and complicated. We all are. Therefore, it’s blatantly useless to try to sum yourself up in one word.

I’ve read somewhere (can’t remember where) that we should have a “Mission Statement” for our lives and a list of action verbs to describe who we are.

A mission statement provides the framework for how we conduct ourselves, guide our decisions, and accomplish our goals. A list of action verbs gives us a snapshot description of who we are while we go about our life’s mission.

Creating these lists are for no other purpose than to be a blueprint for ourselves. A reference point for whenever we feel lost, off track, or have temporarily forgotten who we are.

I have not created a mission statement yet, but have dabbled with my word list. Here are some of those words on my list:

Thinker, planner, observer, reader, achiever, writer, believer, procrastinator, mother, friend, wife, doer, non-doer, taker, giver, drifter, dreamer. I live to: explore, learn, laugh, cry, inspire, talk, smell, touch, taste, listen, experiment, transform, chase, walk, lead, run, hide, search, create, build, rebuild, generate, renovate, conquer, scream, pray, dance, sing, get angry, release anger, receive joy, share joy, be faith-filled, challenge, provoke, repent, argue, inhale, take risks, exhale, dare, care, love, rejoice.

When/if I create my own mission statement, I may share it here with you as well. Maybe. But until then, consider creating a mission statement and word list of your own. You’ll have a helpful blueprint to navigate you back on track when you’ve lost your way or forgotten who you are (your worth) in the midst of your darkest storms.

6 thoughts on “What’s On Your Word List?

  1. I LOVE your list, as it reflects who I know you to be and all the contradictions that you and all of us are… And yes, it is a guide to how we look at ourselves in this world, how we behave, make choices, etc…
    Also, I think it can be interesting to hear how others describe us, because we may or may not appear to others who we think we are… My son has a new counselor and he(my son) told me that counselor asked him to describe me. he described me as kind, honest , passive( when it comes to some??? situations with my husband…) Not sure if that is ALL he said???LOL
    Here is part of my mission statement on my skirt- site: ” I am an interior designer, mother, wife, writer, artist, friend, traveler, and inspired, energetic, creative soul who delights in many forms of self- expression. Creativity is a gift from God, and when I use that gift, I am somehow one with God, doing what I do best. Living a creative life is as natural to me as breathing… “It doesn’t capture all of me but it hits the high spots!

  2. Wow, Demetria you always make me think. I have a lot of words on my list. Now I don’t have a clue what my mission statement is.

    Here are a few words on my list-mother,sister,friend,strong,nice,
    Those are just few and they came from my twin boys.

  3. Susan, it’s true people will sometimes have different descriptions of us than we would have for ourselves. But how we view ourselves is more important than how others view us. It’s good you already have a mission statement. Looks like I better hop to it and get one done, too.

  4. Sharon, looks like the twins got you pegged, and it’s a great list. Now hop on that mission statement, and I’ll do the same, too.

    Also, if my words sometimes make you think, that only means I’m earning my angel wings from God. One of my goals is to be an inspiration to others, because others have been a TREMENDOUS inspiration to me. I’m passing it on. Each one, bless one.

  5. D, I know you didn’t think ya girl would not chime in on this topic. I agree with Sharona, you made us a think. Here’s a few words that I think of me: thoughtful, generous, funny (sometimes), grateful, Christian, confident, doubtful, observer, teacher, student, wife, friend, listener, introvert, procrastinator, creative (want to be more creative). But like all, I can be the contradictory of most of my wordlist.

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