Dazed and Confused

Don’t you just hate when on your path in life you feel like you’re walking into areas of fog and haze? Like at any moment something is going to jump out and try to take you down, destroy you, or try to maul you to death? And at those times you wonder if you’ll have enough strength to hold on, stand tall, and defend yourself—to withstand the destruction. Yep, I know.

Not only do I feel that way today, but this photo is the exact replica of those feelings. You’re walking in dark, wooded areas of your life and instead of sunshine and joy around the bend; you walk into thick patches of fog where you become dazed and confused. You wonder how you got there, why you’re there in the first place, and how the crap do you get out.

Yep, I hear ya. I feel ya. So you know what that means? Chocolate therapy! I’m about to get my hands on some warm, gooey, chocolaty goodness, like a hot fudge brownie or warm chocolate molten cake and drown my feelings away. And please, I’m not stupid enough to forget the dollops of ice cream. Of course, this may not solve the problem, but it’s a useful numbing tool (minus the fat and calories).

Mmm Hmm, that’s right, I said it. Chocolate therapy—go get you some.

12 thoughts on “Dazed and Confused

  1. First let me just say I did not receive my reminder for your blog. So, I am sorry I am late. Oh guess what I just received my reminder right now while I am typing. LOL!!

    Let me just say I feel dazed and confused alot of times. Not knowing which way to go and how to get out. But during that time I prefer a different therapy then yours.

  2. Ahhhh….dazed and confused!!!! That place is oh so familiar. But I am too tired to make something gooey and chocolaty. Hope you had a nice, tall glass of “ice water” w/ your gooey chocolate treat. Don’t judge me!!

  3. And just so you all know, I’m still feeling dazed and confused, therefore, I’m still undergoing chocolate therapy. Yesterday I made brownies. Today they’re gone. I think I’ll make a double fudge cake next. Or maybe chocolate coconut bars. YUM!

    Sharon I’m also feeling you on the Margarita therapy. What a shame you and Starla got me started on those things over twenty years ago (I should’ve picked better friends to hang with). Remember the jumbos at Chi Chi’s? Too bad we never became heavy drinkers. Or is that a good thing? I’m too dazed and confused to know.

  4. OMG! You are having some serious Chocolate Therapy. Soon you will be in a Chocolate Coma:)

    Oh, how I miss getting together going to Chi Chi’s. That was our hangout for lunch or dinner. After a full day of shopping.

    By the way, You could not ask for better friends. Because we love you just the way you are 🙂 LOL!

  5. That’s what Lindy and I always thought you were doing when you started to work from home at rims (lowercase).

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