Gratitude is a Must

It’s been five months since the launch of my website and this blog. And I’d like to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude to the many readers who find themselves roaming around my web pages and checking out the scene.

My weekly/monthly site statistics show there are several hundreds of you gracing me with your presence, and for that I thank you.

Although in cyberspace, several hundred is considered only small pickin’s in the mass market, but to me it’s phenomenal—considering I was expecting only a handful of readers/visitors and got a few baskets full. But I’m not surprised because I have faith (wayyy larger than a mustard seed). And when you have faith, God blesses you beyond your expectations. And this is only the beginning. Get ready. Get ready. Get ready (as Bishop T.D. Jakes would say).

Nevertheless this post is to thank you all for spending time with me. From the many who come by in silence preferring to browse around unknown, to those who come by and leave blog comments or leave notes on my contact page. I’m thankful for you all.

Also, a special thanks to the regular blog contributors—Sharon, Susan, and Roxanne—who help keep this blog alive and active. And a tremendous “THANKS” to Starla for consistently providing comments without missing a beat. You’ll find her name under every single post. This, indeed, was an unexpected treasure I didn’t see coming.

Anyhoo, thanks to everyone for listening to me blab, blab, blab for five whole months. I hope you’ll continue to stick around.

Gratitude is a must. Give thanks for the “who” and “what” in your life.

Photo by Erika Tasnadi

7 thoughts on “Gratitude is a Must

  1. Love your blog- D- reading it is like gathering pearls of wisdom. Plus, for selfish reasons- it lets me know what is going on with YOU! I can always count on you to keep it REAL. And in a world of fluff and fly-by-nights, I really appreciate that about you- you are real and you are solid.
    Gratitude- giving it- has made a tremendous difference in my life. Since teh beginning of last year, I try to make a point- especially at bedtime, but whenever I can remember- to just say a word of thatnks. It makes a WORLD of difference! xxoo X
    PS Come join me on my “new” patio before I hae a chance to kill everything. LOL

  2. I would also be thankful for spell check if I only took the time to use it. 🙁

  3. Ahhhh, ya big lug….that’s what bff’s do. We support and have one another’s backs. We are on this journey with you, and enjoying the ride thus far. Keep up the good work my friend.

  4. Well as you know Demetria I have always said you are going to be bigger then what you can imagine. And as Starla said that is what BFF’s are for. We are and always will be your Ride or Die Chicks:) LOL! We are so very proud of you. As I always said your words are meant to be read. You have a beautiful Gift:) Since we are talking about Gratitude. I want my BFF’s to know how thankful I am that God Blessed me with two of the Greatest Girlfriends in the world. No matter what I have been through you were there and never judged me. Words can not express my GRATITUDE:)

  5. Well, Sharon, looks like you’re sharing the love today (and always). Thanks for the generous words of encouragement and expressing your gratitude. You’re a keeper.

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